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Choosing The Best 6 Man Tent

There are many instances when it’s more practical to have your camping party together in one tent rather than spread out in individual tents. The best 6 man tent’s can accommodate 6 adults, and often have living quarters where you can hang out should the weather take a turn for the worst. There are tents to accommodate every budget from luxury to cheap 6 man tent’s and we’ve had a look at the best

There’s a number of things you should consider when picking your tent. Ease to put up is a obviously a major factor, especially if you’re not practically minded. Weight is also a major concern. 6 Man tent’s are by definition, heavier than their smaller counterparts, making them less easy to transport.

Different designs also have different benefits. Dome tents make some of the best 6 man tent’s. The dome shame structure is incredibly strong, which is essential if you’re pitching your tent in windy conditions. They are also, as a general rule, quicker to put up as well. The tunnel design is another popular design of 6 man tent. Generally slightly heavier than their dome counterparts, they do however offer greater head room, and often a more space effective living area.

1. Vango Langley/Capri 600 Best All Rounder 6 Man Tent

Best 6 man tent Vango Lumley 600

Vango are a well trusted brand, and deservedly so. They have a solid reputation and deservedly so.Vango tent layout The UK Langley or US Capri 600 (it’s the same tent) is Vango’s flagship 6 man tunnel tent. It’s a good family option where plenty of space is required. The high 2 meter roof means you there’s plenty of headroom for all but the tallest adults. The sleeping compartment has plenty of headroom. We particularly like the porch which is great for muddy boots. Putting the tent up could be a bit easier. Attaching the hooks for the sleeping area was a very fiddly job. The tent could, in our opinion, benefit from some hooks in the roof in order to hang things, such as a light, from. The tent has lots of windows and feels really spacious and airy.

Weight Length Height Width Cost Sturdiness
 23kg/  50lb  5.9 M/ 19ft  2M / 6.5ft  3.8M / 12ft  2/5


  • Light and Airy
  • Very spacious design – Happily will accommodate 6 adults
  • Good Value for Money
  • Tension band can be used to increase sturdiness in windy weather
  • Fully sewn in groundsheet


  • Fiddly hooks to hang inner tent
  • Fly net on the door would be nice
  • No attachment points on roof to hang lights

All in all a well made tent that’s good value for the money if you’re looking for a spacious tent.

2. Airgo Stratus Inflatable Tent

Airgo Stratus 600 Inflatable Tent in field

What this tent lacks in size, it makes up for in ease of use. A strong contender for best 6 man tent, the Airgo Stratus inflatable tent is just that. It’s a tent that requires no poles or complicated assembling, simply plug in the pump and it can be inflated in under 5 minutes. Perfect if you’ve got a family to attend to. This updated version for 2017 is a massive improvement on the previous model which was notorious for perishing and deflating. Airgo have addressed the design flaws to create a truly unique piece of camping equipment.

Airgo inflatable tent layoutIt may be one of the smaller on test, however it’s got ample room for 6 adults. It’s got two meters (6.5 ft) in headroom, however it feels a little more cramped than the Vango. It is possible to buy a porch add on for this tent to give you some more space, but it comes with extra cost.

Putting it up

Even on our first attempt we were able to put this up in around 12 minutes. With a bit of practice you would easily be able to get this up and ready to use in the advertised 5 minutes.  Taking it down as also a doddle. Pump the air out and it fits easily into it’s carry bag. The Airgo also features blackout fabric in the sleeping compartment, ensuring you don’t get woken up by the early sunshine, and we also found that it helped keep the tent cool in hot weather, which was a god send. The tent is currently only available in the UK, however they do offer international shipping.


  • Very quick and easy to put up and take down
  • Blackout fabric for a good night’s sleep
  • Reinforced structure and sturdy design


  • Not that much lighter than traditional ‘poled’ tents
  • Quite compact without the add ons.
  • Not as cheap as some other models reviewed

3. Robens Klondike Tipi Tent

Robens have been steadily and quietly growing a cult following in recent years and it’s easy to see why. While their tents may not be the most practical, they’re well priced and have real personality. Their Klondike Tipi Tent is their best 6 man tent, with room (just about) for 6 grown men to sleep.
Klondike tipi tentThe real value with Robens, however, is their range of accessories to customise the tent for a bit of luxury. This tent is one of the only ones out there with an option wood burning stove and chimney, or wall to wall carpet.

The tent itself is very lightweight at only 16kg (35lb), although if you’re packing the stove, that’s not going do the portability any favours. We also found the stove was a great way to meet fellow campers, who are a curious bunch. Putting it up took two of us about half an hour, although it would be possible with just one person. The tent features a zip in ground sheet which is really useful as you can easily roll it back and stop muddy boots getting inside the living space.


  • Very customisation and can be configured for luxury camping
  • Lightweight design
  • Relatively easy to assemble
  • Possibility to have a stove – Great for cold weather camping
  • Zip in/out groundsheet
  • Very well priced for what you get in our opinion
  • Very good ventilation in hot weather


  • Not the most spacious with 6 adults
  • Could do with a few windows to make it airy

4. Skandika Daytona XXL Dome Tent – The Best Cheap 6 Man Tent

Skandika Daytona the best cheap 6 man tent

This is hands down one of the best cheap 6 man tent’s, and while you may not have heard of Skandika, don’t let this put you off. While it won’t survive in a monsoon downpour, or arctic conditions, that’s not why you buy a cheap 6 man tent. What it does provide is basic protection against the elements, a good size sleeping and living area all at a good price.

It was simple to put up using colour coded poles however I would recommend having at least one other person to help. It took us about an hour for the first time, but once we got to grips with how it works I reckon we could get it down to 40 minutes.

Each compartment could easily fit a double airbed in, but with not much room for anything else. The centre dome was 1.9 meters (6.2ft) high so more than high enough for most adults. The communal area is big enough to house 6 people’s camping accessories, or hide out in if the weather’s bad. At just 12kg it’s one of the most portable of the 6 man tent’s we tested. This is one of the best cheap 6 man tent’s we’ve seen in a long time.


  • Very good value Cheap 6 man tent. A lot of tent for your money
  • More than adequate for most camping scenarios
  • Good height in communal area


  • While it is waterproof, it didn’t give the feel of being able to stand up to a torrential downpour
  • No windows in living space

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