Pen Y Fan – Our Pen Y Fan Walk From Neuadd Reservoir

Pen Y Fan Walk – From Neuadd Reservoir

Pen Y Fan is a great walk, relatively easy, while still giving you a summit and great views. Suitable for (fit) children. It’s long with one relatively tough ascent and one relatively tough descent. But it’s not technical, and anyone with any stamina will do it with ease.

There are several routes up to the top of South Wales Highest Peak. The ‘Motorway’ is by Far the most popular Pen Y Fan Walk. This route starts at the Storey Arms Outdoor Centre just off the A470. We, however, wanted to find a quieter route to the top and so opted for a southern approach starting at the Neuadd or Pont Cwmyledwen Card Park.

We  decided to walk Pen Y Fan on a pleasant Easter Saturday. Despite cars overflowing onto the main road at the start of ‘the motorway’route, we were able to park in Neuadd car park with ease! The extra 15 minutes drive to Neuadd Reservoir was more than most people were prepared to go.

The Route

After about 10 minutes walking up a very slight incline on a tarmac road (the easy bit), you’ll reach lower Neuadd reservoir (point 1 on the map). A quick drop into the Pen Y Fan Mapvalley and up the other side brings you to the bottom of the worst part of the walk. Now you’ll need to get your hands muddy on a 300 meter ascent that takes no prisoners. It’s a 20 minute slog but is completely worth it when you get to the top (point 3) and start to see the views that South Wales can provide. After a quick stop for a Kit Kat and to get our breath back the path levelled out and continues as a gentle ascent. After about 2 miles of not too strenuous climb you reach the same of Corn Du Summit. While it looks as high as Pen Y fan it’s actually 13 meters lower at 873 meters. If you’re tired you can take the path round the bottom of Corn Du and just summit Pen Y Fan. A final 10 minute push brings you to the summit.

Arriving at the summit – 886 Meters (2906 ft), there was a steady queue waiting to have their photo taken.

Pen Y Fan Summit - our pen y fan walk
Our Summit Photo

We grabbed some lunch, and then began a relatively challenging (at least for the knees) descent of around 300 meters. It’s steep but short, but once you’re down you have nice easy walk back to the car park. Just follow the track for 3 miles down with the reservoir on your left.  An hour or so later you’re back at the car where you started.

Steps Taken Distance Walked Time Taken
22889 Steps 7.3 miles (11.7km) 5 Hours


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