Tokyo Subway Map

Arriving into Tokyo – Understanding the Tokyo Subway Map

Arriving into Tokyo can be daunting for anyone. Especially if Japanese is not a language you are familiar with. Unlike most other major international hubs not all the signs are translated into English and asking for directions can be just as hazardous. It is considered rude not to know the answer to a question. This means, that when asked a question, Japanese will often guess the answer if they don’t know. This becomes particularly annoying when you’re confronted with lots of helpful but un-knowledgeable locals and you’re desperately trying to find a train platform! To get round this it’s highly recommended to do a bit of forward planning. It’s definitely worth printing out the below Tokyo Subway Map, and making sure you’re familiar with where you’re flying into. Tokyo Narita airport is in the top right corner and Tokyo Haneda Airport is bottom centre of the map.

Tokyo Subway Map - Finding your way around Tokyo



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